The Adirondack 46R Conservation Trust is a charitable endowment established by Adirondack 46er Grace L. Hudowalski (1906-2004) in 1995 to provide funding for conservation and preservation projects, environmental and historical research, and educational initiatives that develop or enhance the Adirondack mountain preserve in upstate New York.  Grace dedicated her life to the promotion of the unique natural, historical and cultural resources of New York State, and in particular her native Adirondacks.  The Trust continues Grace’s passion for history, folklore and writing and her lifelong commitment to introducing the public to wilderness recreational adventures available in the Adirondack high peaks.

With an emphasis on stewardship, the Trust works with nonprofit, conservation-oriented and educational organizations to support, protect and preserve the wilderness character of the Adirondack High Peaks and to encourage the responsible and sustainable use of that region by the general public. Through its grants of financial support the Trust works to instill a greater appreciation of the value of New York’s constitutionally protected “forever wild” lands in the minds and hearts of state residents and the recreating public.

Since its inception in 1995, programs supported by the Adirondack 46R Conservation Trust have included, among others:

As a public charity authorized by and operating pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and the parallel provisions of NY State Law,  the Trust reports annually to the NY State Attorney General and the Internal Revenue Service.   Copies of the Trust's annual reports are available by request or can be reviewed on-line at  Contributions to the Trust are tax exempt.

​The Trust funds conservation projects/programs, historical research, and educational initiatives that cultivate and enhance public understanding and appreciation of New York State's constitutionally protected "forever wild" Adirondack mountains and safeguard the Adirondack high peak wilderness.    



Engaging Communities  - Advancing Public Understanding  - Safeguarding Wilderness



Emphasizing community-based stewardship, the Adirondack 46​R Conservation Trust strives to balance wilderness preservation with public use and enjoyment of New York's Adirondack mountains through programs that instill a greater public understanding and appreciation of Adirondack wilderness, history, community and cultural resources. ​

We want no straddlers, for in the past they have surrendered too much good wilderness and primeval which should never have been lost.                             Bob Marshall 46er No. 3


Grace (No. 9) on the summit of Whiteface, August 1997.  Photo by Forty-Sixers Anton " Tony"  Solomon (No. 3626W) and Jane Nye (No. 4142).